Selected Publications

* (co-)first author, # (co-)corresponding author

Su J*#, Huang Y*, Cui X, Zhang X, Wang X, Xin Y, Lin Xue, Chen K, Lv J, Xu J, Goodell MA# and Li W#: Homebox oncogene activation by pan-cancer DNA hypermethylation. Genome Biology 2018, 19:108.

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Zhou M*, Hu L*, Zhang Z, Wu N, Sun J#Su J#Recurrence-associated long non-coding RNA signature for determining the risk of recurrence in patients with colon cancerMolecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids 2018: P518-529, doi: 10.1016/j.omtn.2018.06.007.

Gu T*, Lin X*, Cullen SM*, Luo M, Jeong M, Estecio M, Shen J, Hardikar S, Sun D, Su J, Rux D, Guzman A, Lee M, Qi L, Chen J, Kyba M, Huang Y, Chen T, Li W#Goodell MA#DNMT3A and TET1 cooperate to regulate promoter epigenetic landscapes in mouse embryonic stem cellsGenome Biology 2018, 19:88.

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