Computational Tools
CpG_MPs: CpG_MPs, is proposed for identification and analysis of CpG methylation patterns of genomic regions from high-throughput bisulfite sequencing data. 
CpG_MI: CpG_MI provides a useful information-theoretic tool to identify functional CpG islands from the CpG clusterings in the bulk genomes.
QDMR: QDMR (Quantitative Differentially Methylated Regions) is a quantitative approach to quantify methylation difference and identify DMRs from genome-wide methylation profiles by adapting Shannon entropy
DisSim: DisSim is a web system for exploring similar diseases and discovering relationships among diseases and therapeutic chemicals (TCs). 

SEA: Super-Enhancer Archive is a web based comprehensive resource focuses on the collection, storage and online analysis of super-enhancers.
HHMD: Human Histone Modification Database (HHMD), a specialized and comprehensive database for human histone modifications.
DiseaseMeth: The human disease methylation database, DiseaseMeth is a web based resource focused on the aberrant methylomes of human diseases.
MetaImprint: MetaImprint, is an information repository of mammalian imprinted genes.
MetSigDis: a manually curated resource, aims to provide a comprehensive resource of metabolite alterations in various diseases.

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